Queensferry Passage

Ferries that operated on the River Forth.

On 29-01-1934 both the Robert The Bruce and the Queen Margaret were launched. They were launched at Leven shipyard operated by Messer's Wm. Denny & Brothers, Dumbarton. These ships were Diesel - Electric, Paddle Boats of 217 tons gross. They were the first all welded ships to be built in Scotland. The double ended design incorporated a rudder at either end which helped maneuverability. These ships were technically advanced for their time and more details of the technical specifications can be seen in a newspaper article printed at the time of the launch.
At the time of launching these ships it was mentioned that since the war there had been talk of a road bridge being built. The cost however was prohibitive as it was thought to be in the region of £3 to £5 million. The bridge was of course built 30 years later (1964) at a cost of £11.5 million. The replacement bridge, the Queensferry Crossing  opened in 2017 and cost of 1.35billion.
Ferry Link Launch Date Launched By 
Robert The Bruce Newspaper 29-01-1934 Countess of Elgin and Mrs Thomson wife of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh.
Queen Margaret 29-01-1934
Mary Queen of Scots 04-03-1949 Mrs T F Cameron wife of the Chief Regional Officer for Scotland of British Railways.
Sir William Wallace 02-12-1955 Lady Wallace wife of Sir William Wallace Chairman of Brown Brothers & Co.
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