Queensferry Passage

Ferries that operated on the River Forth.

Queen MargaretThe ferries last carried passengers on 04-September-1964. A revised time table and protocols had to be followed on that day. The closure of the Queensferry Passage and the opening of the Forth Road Bridge was a huge occasion for the men who worked on the ferries. To ensure their families were given an opportunity to view the formalities, passes were issued.
The fate of each of the ferries following the opening of the Forth Road Bridge  was as follows:-
Robert The Bruce Scrapped at P & W McLellan at Boness in 1965.
Mary Queen of Scots Scrapped at T W Ward at Inverkeithing in 1965.
Queen Margaret Scrapped at T W Ward at Inverkeithing in 1965.
Sir William Wallace Scrapped 1970 in Ghent after carrying cargo on the river Ljsselmeer.
First Day Cover
To celebrate the opening of the new road bridge First Day Covers were produced. Two on display were written by Captain John Penny to his son. Other first day covers are on display, each with an interesting history, these were kindly supplied by Kerr Doig.
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