Queensferry Passage

Ferries that operated on the River Forth.

There are 5 galleries attached to this web site.
1- The first one contains a selection of photographs of the ferries and their crew .
2 - The second contains photographs of two superb models of the Sir William Wallace which were built by Eddy Matthews, the models are to a scale of 1:43 and 1:32.
The 39 Steps3 - The third relates to the feature film "The 39 Steps". The film is based on the John Buchan novel and has footage of the ferries. This thriller staring Kenneth More was made in 1959 and has a sequence where the main character Hannay jumps from a train onto the Forth Bridge and escapes. In the background the ferries can be seen below the bridge, which ferries are in the film is difficult to tell, all 4 would be in service by then, I would guess they are either the Bruce or the Margaret.
Robert The Bruce
4 - The fourth gallery contains links to videos which feature the ferries. The Gallery contains links to videos held in other web sites. These vary from "home made" videos to archive Newsreel.
 5 -There is also a separate gallery containing extracts from the brochure produced by Denny's of Dumbarton, these were produced in relation to the years 1951 - 1955 and 1956 - 1960.
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